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Hay Day – one of the most popular mobile games today, with a rating of 4.5 / 5 on the Google Store and Apple iTunes. In fact, it’s the most popular farming game developed for mobile devices. The game began in the summer of 2012, and it only took him a year to become the fourth largest mobile player, despite the fact that it is freerheim. Being freemium means that Hay Day is free to download and play, but you have to pay for premium features. However, there is another way of doing this – using our breaking Hay Day Hack!


The premise of the Hay Day game is that the player’s uncle can no longer take care of his farm, so the player must take on this responsibility. It begins with a scarecrow explaining to the player how to take care of the farm. Once you harvest the wheat, you can sell it for coins that you can then use to buy jewelry and additional buildings. The coins can also be used to earn experience points that will take you to the next level.

For all these reasons, it is extremely important to get as many coins as possible. However, it’s easy to say, but hard to win. You will have to sell a lot of goods to earn enough coins to buy everything your farm needs. For this reason, many players have decided to earn additional coins by buying an application with real money or pirating Hay Day coins.


If you think that downloading your Hay Day account with coins is not an honest question, you should ask yourself about purchases not only allowed but also encouraged by game developers. You must understand that everyone does it. Players get extra coins, one way or another, and that’s why so many high-level users.

Using our program to create coins for your profile is really a good thing because you get the same thing with those who have more money than the costs of the premium features. When everyone uses extra coins, everyone is equal!

Another reason you should use the Hay Day Online Hack to get coins is the number of interesting features that this game offers players who reach higher levels. If you do not get additional coins, you have to spend several months to create a reputation for your profile and collect enough XP points to reach higher levels.


Do not let players have more money to be better than you at Hay Day. By creating coins, you become equal with them, which means that your skill becomes the only one important. If you are passionate about this game, you will have a chance to reach Hay Day stars. When you win, the game becomes more interesting.

There are two ways to bring your profile to the highest level in the Hay Day area. The first of them takes your credit card and spends your hard earned money on coins and bonuses from this game. The alternative is totally Free. All you have to do is go to generator Hay Day and take as many pieces as you want.


When you use our software, you have nothing to fear from the suspension of your account. Of course, the developers of Hay Day do not look at them very easily, but their hands are related to the fact that our programmers are always one step ahead. The chances of banning your profile exist, we will not talk about it. Nevertheless, they are so thin that such a scenario does not even deserve to be mentioned. The proof that our broken Hay Day diamond is safe is the number of satisfied users who have used it for a while, without any problem.

The fact that there are a lot of players using our hack shows that coin production is common in the world of Hay Day. As a result, you do not need to think of anything “malicious”, but rather something that will help you have fun.

Obviously, our hacking tool has proven its worth, but you can not say the same for other Hay Day coin generators. In fact, if you decide to use other hacking tools, you run the risk of Suspend your account because something similar has happened. One of the reasons our users can fly under the radar of Hay Day developers is that they are occupied by research actors who use other tools.

Questions and answers:

Is it safe to use this app?

Yes, Hay Day Hack apk is completely free from viruses and spyware. We never ask for passwords to your account or personal information. To add items to the game, just enter your email address by logging into the game. Your account will never be blocked, as happens in the case of many suspicious programs that you can find on the Internet. Keep in mind that our generator is available for download exclusively on this page! If you found this elsewhere, please let us know as soon as possible!

On which devices is this apk available?

Generator for Hay Day is available on mobile devices with Android / iOS OS for every version currently available. So you do not need to worry about that your phone does not meet the requirements. In addition, no USB cable is required to connect the phone to the computer. The application can be downloaded directly to your smartphone and run. On personal computers there is a version with operating systems Windows and Linux.

How many coins and diamonds can I add?

How many coins and diamonds can I add? You can add an infinite number of diamonds and coins at any time of your game, even at the very beginning. The added items will be permanently assigned to your gaming account. However, we recommend adding a maximum of 100,000 coins and diamonds per day. This is a safe amount, which should be enough for everyone, even the most demanding players. There is a risk of prohibition in the game when adding large numbers, so we recommend that you adhere to this.


In addition to security, our Hay Day-hacking tool is also very easy to use. You do not need to jailbreak the phone, like many other hacking programs. You do not even need to connect your mobile device to your computer. In fact, you have nothing to do to use our hacking tool. So, what do you do to get coins on your account Hay Day?

All you need to do is visit our website where you will be asked to select the number of coins that you want and give us the account ID by which you want the coins to arrive. A few moments after clicking the “Create” button you can see the details in your account. You can use them for what you want, as with coins that you won or bought. This includes buying jewelry for your farm, adding new buildings and buying XP glasses that will take our profile to the next level.

(Unnützes) Zahlenmaterial über Hayday Lets Play Deutsch / German

hay day cheat forum

HayDay Hack Cheats

hay day cheat forum

(Unnützes) Zahlenmaterial über Hayday Lets Play Deutsch / German
Hay Day das beste Handy Spiel
Für alle die an diversen Zahlen rund um Hayday interessiert sind, hier mal einige gesammelte Werte:

Hauptspielbereich 2688 Felder 32 x 84
Bereich links der Straße 392 Felder 14 x 28
Hauptbereich Stadt 608 Felder 32 x 19
Stadt – Strandbereich 180 Felder 30 x 6
Stadt – Reservat 326 14 x 19 + 60

Anzahl Tiere 139
davon 87 Nutztiere
46 Haustiere
6 Reservats-Tiere

Früchte und Pflanzen 30
davon 11 Bäume und Büsche
19 Feldfrüchte

Produktionsstätten 32 verschiedene
37 insgesamt

Waren und Produkte 212
davon 4 Grundstückserweiterungen
6 Stadtgebäudeerweiterungen
6 Erweiteungen für Silo, Scheune und Angelkasten

Für die insgesamt 70 Felder der Landerweiterung auf der Farm benötigt man je 1322 Pfähle, Landurkunden und Holzhämmer,
sowie für 9 Felder insgesamt 59 Erweiterungserlaubnisse.

Für die 10 Felder im Angelbereich kommen noch mal je 164 Stück dazu.

Für die 18 Felder in der Stadt ebenfalls noch mal je 154 Stück plus zusätzlich 231 Kartenteile.

So das man für die komplette Landerweiterung je 1640 Teile + 231 Kartenteile benötigt.

Um alle 37 Produktionsanlagen auf 9 Slots auszubauen benötigt man 3927 Diamanten

Um Köderwerkbank und Seilerei ebenfalls auf 9 Slots auszubauen kommen nochmal je 970 Diamanten dazu.

Für den Ausbau von Silo und Scheune auf Maximalinhalt 10000 benötigt man je 23871 Teile.

Für den Angelkasten auf Maximalgröße 1000 auszubauen nochmal je 19306 Teile.

Das Ganze ist geschrieben vom :Uwegan ( ein Moderator aus einem fan HD Forum
hier der link

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HayDay Hack Cheats

The best HayDay Hack is available to use.
hay day cheat forum

HayDay Hack Cheats

Hay Day – Jam Maker (Everything You Need To Know)

hay day diamond price

hay day diamond price
HayDay Hack Cheats

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HayDay Hack Cheats

Check the hay day cheats right now.
hay day diamond price

HayDay Hack Cheats

A little boy is my helper (hayday)

hay day cheat money tk

HayDay Hack Cheats

hay day cheat money tk

A little boy is my helper (hayday)

HayDay Hack Cheats

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The best HayDay Hack is available to use.
hay day cheat money tk

HayDay Hack Cheats